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Brand New - Most Comprehensive Pinterest Ads Guide + 

Getting Started Pin Ads Mini Course You Can Buy!

You've been excited to start learning & crushing Pinterest Ads!

You know it's time to open a new marketing channel for your business

You're looking for the best possible training on the market thats had success for hundreds of brands & has the latest proven strategies including Post IOS 14 Strategies and how Pinterest fits into your cross channel marketing strategies

The solution is here!

What's Included in Crush Pin Ads Mini Course + Strategy Guide 

The Complete Crush Pin Ads Pinterest Ads Strategy Guide for setting up & scaling your Pinterest ads for Ecommerce + Info Products to help you get sales + leads on Pinterest

The Crush Pin Ads Mini Course - Tons of Lessons detailing how to get your Pin ads setup 

Pinterest Ads Image Designs that have been tested in millions of dollars worth of ads by many different industries

Guides, Tutorials, Maps & Tons of Strategy that we use every day to help our clients scale to $MM/mo in ad spend profitably on Pinterest

Major Discounts on any services or programs from P4P that will help you crush it on Pinterest from tracking, to done for you programs and analytics

$1000 Pinterest Ad Spend Credit to use on your Pinterest ads (while applicable and must qualify for it)

Special Black Friday Pricing!! This product will be priced at a MINIMUM $497 going forward. 
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"Lindsay and her team have been amazing! they've helped me grow my acupuncture practice and dramatically with the sale of herbs and tinctures online.  From helping with ads to helping me construct high converting funnels, I wouldn't know what to do without them and I'm so grateful. My whole life is changed!!"

Kara C.
Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Herbalist

SECTION 1: Getting Your Accounts Setup Properly for Pinterest Ads. There are lots of little tricks we've learned over the years that we will share to help get your account ready & prepared to scale your ads, everything from pixeling to shopping feeds and beyond.

SECTION 2: Audiences & Targeting - This is one of the most important parts of Pinterest advertising & takes the most research to get right. We will go through some of our best practices on how to get the best audiences & targeting

SECTION 3: Creatives - Pinterest has a unique set of creative best practices that help your ads get the best deliverability. We will share the things we've seen to work best in a variety of different industries.

SECTION 4: Bidding & Budgeting - This is one of the hardest thing to get right inside campaigns.  I'll help you learn how to properly budget & bid your campaigns for best results.

SECTION 5: Campaign Structure - How to get the most out of the different types of ads on Pinterest

BONUS: Analytics  - Reading & Using Ads Manager for successful metric tracking on Pinterest (inside the VIP training is more detailed).

BONUS! Get Access to our customized Holiday Promo Strategies that we
ONLY share with our clients!

Holiday Offers & Messaging

Funnels that are Highest Converting

Highest Converting Creative Strategy


Pins 4 Profit mainly offers done for you programs to help you run and crush your Pinterest ads. We rarely and almost NEVER do done with you ads training even though we get asked a lot!

I created this program for you to help you get started on the right foot with Pinterest ads as 100% of the accounts I audit have MAJOR room for growth in these areas.  I've also addressed the most up to date strategies relevant to a cross channel marketing approach Q4 2021 post iOS14/15 Updates inside our strategy guide. 

Our done for you services start at $2,500/mo so make sure to jump on this opportunity

while it lasts because we may never offer it again!

This program will be accessible as of the First Week of December 2021

  • What Types of Brands are a Fit for Pinterest Ads?
    We generally work with ecommerce stores who want to create new traffic generation sources as well as Information products related to lead gen & online sales. Brands that fit generally serve women tend to do better but 40% of new Pinterest users are men and we are seeing a lot of growth there as well. Examples include: Fashion, Home Decor, Pregnancy, Mom + Baby, Shoes, Skincare, Beauty, Fitness, Travel, Software, Apps & brands with lots of products. USA is the largest market followed by, UK, European & AU based markets but Pinterest ads are available and work for a lot of advertisers in a lot of markets
  • Are Pinterest Ads Scalable?
    YES. We spend over $150k/day in ads for some of our clients on Pinterest. We generally start you smaller and test a ton of stuff then as we get traction begin to use scaling techniques. Pinterest in generally is slower to warm up as an advertising platform but can still be direct response.

    Also with Pinterest organic marketing, In fact over time the snowball of Pinterest continues to grow. If you’re a brand new business or you’re brand new to Pinterest just like on any platform you will have to build an audience. But unlike any other social media platform and more like SEO, Pins last FORRRREVVVER and over time continue to bring you more and for traffic so it’s a unique opportunity to scale and snowball your growth. They keep growing the algorithm so that’s exciting!! More and more often I’m seeing ad accounts and ads start out healthier & healthier faster.

    We also have massive delayed attribution on the platform sooo sales often start showing up later. If you can be patient in the beginning you’ll generally radically see a difference in general by months 3 or 4+.
  • How Long Will I Have Access to Crush Pin Ads® Mini Course + Strategy Guide?
    This product will be available to you for 12 months from purchase date inside your student center.
  • Is There One On One Coaching or Live Support for P4P Crush Pin Ads® Mini Course + Strategy Guide?
    This program doesn't come with any one on one support or live coaching or training on any part of Pinterest ads or tracking training or support. You can always reach out to us in the FB group you will be invited to or email us at with questions.
  • How Long Does it Take for Pinterest Advertising to Work?
    Pinterest is somewhat slower to warm up than say the FB algorithm. We recommend that you spend at least 4 months committed to your advertising strategy and at least 6 months committed to your organic strategy. Things grow over time especially in search algorithms.

    There is also a lot of delayed attribution on Pinterest- because it's a planning platform, people are planning purchases, then coming back and purchasing later. So we want you to get an accurate portrayal of how potential clients are engaging with your brand.

    We are confident that you've got the absolute best chance of Pinterest working for you with our team Pins 4 Profit! We generally offer done 4 you services to do this service for you to help you ensure your success and we've shared some of our strategies inside these products for you.
  • Do You Help With Cross Channel Tracking?
    We have a powerful team of developers & analytics specialists that can help make sure your brand is set up properly for tracking purposes cross channel. This done for you service is NOT included in this program but you will have access to our development staff at a discounted rate. You can email us for more help at
  • Do you offer refunds or a return policy for any products at Pins 4 Profit?
    Due to the digital nature of our products and your instant or timed access to these products, we do not offer refunds on any digital products or services. We've also spent a tremendous amount of time, effort, energy & expertise and we are thankful for your respect and appreciation of that process!
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"I've had a chiropractic practice for over 15 years and was excited to start getting int seminars and online education but had no idea where to start. Lindsay's team helped me craft badass offers then drive traffic to them with ads that have me flooded with leads & sales!"

Jarret W. 
Chiropractic Seminar Coach & Trainer